Unter den Linden #2

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Eigentlich wollte ich mehrere Aufnahmen dieser Begegnung zeigen. Aber weniger ist mehr! Ich denke, dass die beiden Bilder schon sehr für sich sprechen.
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  1. 04.10.10 @ 15:09

    Wow, I like this angle and crop even better than the first. It’s full of character; I really feel the music here. Thanks for showing different approaches to the same subject. We learn a lot from this process.

  2. 04.10.10 @ 15:12

    Nicki your B&W PP on this image is lovely. I think the crop helps it along, and the vignette works well to draw attention to the facial detail. I like it a lot, I did a set of musician portraits, I’ve never blogged them, I might after seeing yours…. CSJ

  3. 04.10.10 @ 17:02

    CRAIG: Different places, different scenes and different photographs makes every shot unique! I think you have to post your “musicans” … I’m so curious! I’m thinking to your special way of PP – this must be great :).

    CHRISTOPHER: I also think that the crop concentrates the charcter here. I have some captures more showing this man between passers. For the PP: Getting a deep contrasted result isn’t easy … if you are looking for such a result you are always good adviced having a look to the blue-channel :).

  4. 04.10.10 @ 17:13

    This one is amazing Nicki!! Brilliant capture!!

  5. 04.10.10 @ 22:42

    I agree about the processing – the black and white and the tones on his face bring it out really well.

    Hope you left him something! :-)

  6. 05.10.10 @ 00:50

    TOM: Of course – I leave him enough coins for a break at Starbucks! :)

  7. 05.10.10 @ 11:22

    Very well captured.

  8. 05.10.10 @ 23:04

    wow, so professional, i like it.

  9. 10.10.10 @ 08:48

    :) wollte er auch ein CD-Cover? Die würde ich sofort holen!!

  10. 11.10.10 @ 00:03

    Es ist erstaunlich wie man mit ~BW~ berühren kann..

  11. 17.10.10 @ 15:09

    Hi Nicky!
    Very beautiful portrait, and technically perfect. I especially like the contrast of gray.

  12. 18.10.10 @ 12:13

    the blur background and clear details really made this BW frame.

  13. 18.10.10 @ 20:16

    I love this!

  14. 19.10.10 @ 11:58

    This is excellent post processing. Congratulations.

  15. 25.10.10 @ 09:46

    beatiful Image

  16. 26.10.10 @ 17:29

    Firstly I love the setup of your blog, it is so different from any that I have seen so far. Your artwork is great, your really capture the moment giving the viewer a feeling of being there.

  17. 28.10.10 @ 18:39

    ESSEX: Whooo – I’m pleased, thanks a lot!

  18. 12.04.11 @ 04:30

    I like street photography and I am so glad to find this beautiful blog.
    this shot has nice dof and composition
    and I think B&W is nice choice for it

  19. 04.07.11 @ 14:58

    Geniales Musikerportrait … Du hast wirklich ein gutes fotografisches Gespür!

  20. 01.03.12 @ 16:32

    [...] Bild des Musikers ist schon etwas älter – aufgenommen habe ich es in Berlin, hier ist es größer zu sehen. The good old EXA 1b has also a viewfinder like the Mediums (6×6). A [...]

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